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Introduction of box-type resistance furnace temperature controller

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  Overview of electric furnace temperature controller
box-type resistance furnace
    The temperature control of the box-type resistance furnace is to change the heating power of the furnace according to the deviation between the actual temperature and the set temperature, so that the furnace temperature is within the set temperature range, and meets the heating process requirements. The size of the heating power determines the temperature of the furnace and the speed of the heating speed, and the stability of the heating power determines the temperature stability of the resistance furnace. There are many ways to change the heating power, such as the common position type, thyristor regulator and electric furnace transformer control method. Which heating method is used is determined by the structure, use and temperature of the furnace.

    No matter which control method is adopted for the temperature control of the resistance furnace, the control process is basically the same, always including temperature measurement, temperature controller, heating drive components, electric heating elements and auxiliary circuits, etc.

   (1) Temperature measurement. The temperature measurement of resistance furnace usually adopts thermocouple temperature sensor and photoelectric pyrometer. In general, thermocouple is used for contact measurement. When the temperature is high, a radiation type photoelectric thermometer must be used for non-contact measurement.

   (2) Temperature controller. The temperature controller is also commonly referred to as a temperature control instrument. Its function is to display the temperature signal sent by the temperature sensor or transmitter on the one hand; on the other hand, it compares the measured temperature value with the set value and outputs the temperature control signal. In the resistance furnace temperature control, if the control accuracy is not high, the analog position control temperature controller can be used, otherwise, the digital intelligent temperature control instrument is used. The latter is currently used more. Electric furnace temperature controller purchase center address:

   (3) Heating drive components. The heating drive component plays the role of power amplification, converts the change of the temperature control signal into the change of the heating power, and heats the electric heating element to achieve the purpose of changing the temperature of the furnace. Heating drive components are one of the main factors affecting the temperature control method. Commonly used are contactors, solid state relays, thyristor regulators, and transformers.

   (4) Electric heating element. Electric heating elements are components that convert electrical energy into heat. There are three main types: non-metal, metal alloy and pure metal.

   (5) Auxiliary circuit. Auxiliary circuit refers to the circuit other than the heating main circuit, including the operation of the auxiliary device, the indication of the working status, and the safety interlock protection.

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