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Steps and methods of using muffle furnace to synthesize jadeite

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      According to the conventional method of synthetic gems, we must first try to synthesize the corresponding minerals of the gems, and then try to make the synthesized corresponding minerals meet the requirements of gem-level. Therefore, we must first try to synthesize the corresponding mineral "napyroxene" or "jadeite" of jade, and then make it meet the requirements of gem grade (ie jade).
    Experiments show that the artificial synthesis of jade must not only use the high temperature and ultra high pressure method, that is, the use of high temperature and ultra high pressure equipment for the production of synthetic diamonds, but also must be divided into two steps: the first step is to follow the jade mineral "napyroxene" or "jadeite" The theoretical content of each element in the molecular formula NaAlSi2O6 (Na2O is 15.34%, Al2O3 is 25.21%, and SiO2 is 59.45%). Choose appropriate chemical reagents to make amorphous jade glass frit; the second step is to make jade glass After the material is crushed and processed by the pre-forming process, the structure transformation is performed on the high-temperature and ultra-high pressure equipment for synthetic diamond to obtain the crystalline jadeite corresponding mineral "napyroxene" or "jadeite".

The specific method is as follows:
    The synthesis of amorphous jadeite component glass frits: First, according to the main elements of the mineral formula of jadeite NaAlSi2O6, the corresponding chemical reagents are selected for combination, for example, Na2O, SiO2, Na2SiO3, Na2CO3, Al2(SiO3)3, etc. are used for combination. After experimental comparison, it is determined that sodium silicate and aluminum silicate are the most ideal synthetic amorphous jade glass frits. The reaction formula is as follows: Na2SiO3 + Al2(SiO3)3 = 2 NaAlSi2O6
    The advantages of this formula are: 1. The melting point is low, and it can be melted into glass frit above 1050 ℃; 2. After the equal molar number of sodium silicate is mixed with aluminum silicate, it can get exactly twice the molar number of amorphous High-quality jade glass frit, without excess ions (except impurities brought in by chemical reagents).
    The specific synthesis process is as follows: Weigh sodium silicate and aluminum silicate reagents with equivalent molecular weight, and then weigh the reagents containing color-causing ions according to the weight percentage of the total weight of the mixture, and pour them together in a grinder for mixing. Homogenize and grind, then pour it into a crucible, cover the crucible lid, heat it in a muffle furnace to 1100°C, keep it at a constant temperature for a few hours and then cool it down to obtain amorphous jade glass frit with various colors. When these glass frits are identified by X-ray powder crystal analysis, they have no spectral line.

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