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How to maintain resistance furnace reasonably

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  Box-type resistance furnaces, tube-type resistance furnaces, and atmosphere resistance furnaces are generally called resistance furnaces, which are mainly used for high-temperature heating experiments. Reasonable maintenance of the resistance furnace is very helpful to the experimental results.

1. The resistance furnace operator should be familiar with the general equipment diagram, electrical control schematic diagram and wiring diagram. ;

2. Regularly add lubricating oil to the oil injection holes of frequently moving parts;

3. Regularly check whether the grounding bolt of the furnace body is loose;

4. Regularly check the control instrument and thermocouple;

5. Regularly remove the accumulated dust in the electrical control and temperature control cabinet to keep the cabinet clean;

6. Regularly inspect protective gas pipelines, hydraulic pipelines and cold water pipelines to eliminate potential leaks;

7. Box-type resistance furnaces, etc., should regularly remove the oxide scale on the bottom of the furnace and around the heating elements;

8. Frequently check whether the manual loading has broken the side or surrounding bricks, and replace it in time if damage is found to prevent short circuit of the resistance wire;

9. Regularly check whether the furnace lining is cracked and collapsed, and repair the furnace roof as soon as possible if problems are found;

10. It is found that there is a broken rod in the silicon carbide rod resistance furnace. Even if it is replaced, it should be replaced in phases, and the resistance value of each phase should match;

11. After finding that the resistance of the silicon carbide rod increases, the connection method or voltage should be changed as soon as possible.

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