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Classification of vacuum heat treatment furnace

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     Due to different products, technical requirements and heat treatment specifications are also different, and the structures of vacuum heat treatment furnaces used are also diverse. In order to facilitate analysis and comparison and reasonable selection and use, they are usually classified according to the following characteristics.

According to the application, it can be divided into: vacuum annealing furnace, vacuum quenching furnace, vacuum tempering furnace, vacuum carburizing furnace, vacuum brazing furnace and vacuum sintering furnace.

According to the degree of vacuum, it can be divided into: low vacuum furnace (1333-1.33x10﹣1Pa), high vacuum furnace (1.33x10﹣2-1.33x10﹣4Pa), ultra-high vacuum furnace (1.33x10﹣4Pa or more).

According to the working temperature, it can be divided into: low temperature furnace (≤700℃), medium temperature furnace (700-1000℃), high temperature furnace (≥1000℃).

According to the furnace structure, it can be divided into: vertical vacuum furnace and horizontal vacuum furnace.

According to the nature of the operation, it can be divided into: periodic vacuum furnace, semi-continuous and continuous vacuum furnace.

According to the heat source, it can be divided into: resistance heating vacuum furnace, induction heating vacuum furnace, electron beam heating vacuum furnace and ion heating vacuum heat treatment furnace.

Generally, from the furnace structure and heating method, vacuum heat treatment furnaces can be classified into two categories: one is external heating vacuum heat treatment furnaces, also called wall vacuum heat treatment furnaces; the other is internal heating vacuum heat treatment furnaces Furnace, also known as cold-wall vacuum heat treatment furnace.

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