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20% off Winner Promotion on2020. The promotion time ends at -12.30

    Zhengzhou Kejia Furnace company is launching the "Inventory Clearance, Promotion at the End of the Year" campaign now. The factory stocks several sets about 1200°C muffle furnaces, 1200°C tube furnaces and 1200°C/1700°C dental zironia sintering furnaces. Goods in Stock. Ready to delivery from our factory immediately.

dental zironia sintering furnaces

    In order to repay the love of old customers and the love of new customers, the event time ends on 12.31. Only these few products are active. Other products are at normal prices. You are welcome to inquire. There is not much more, please seize the opportunity!

Zhengzhou Kejia Furnace Co.,Ltd.

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