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Rolling bottom box furnace and trolley box furnace details

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       There are several heat-resistant steel tracks on the bottom of the rolling-hearth box furnace, and heat-resistant steel balls or wheels are placed on the tracks, and the furnace bottom plate or workpieces are placed on the balls or wheels. In order to facilitate the furnace installation or discharge, a charging table with a rolling ball structure is arranged outside the furnace door, which can be used for several furnaces. Rolling bottom high temperature box furnace is suitable for normalizing, annealing and tempering hot forging dies. The heat treatment of other heavier workpieces with this equipment is beneficial to the operation of workers and the smooth progress of the process.
rolling-hearth box furnace
     The electric heating elements of the trolley box type heat treatment furnace are arranged around the furnace and the bottom of the furnace, and there is a curved narrow gap between the trolley and the bottom masonry. The trolley is equipped with an electrical interlocking device, which can enter and exit when the furnace door is raised or closed to a certain position. A striker interlocked with the trolley drag mechanism is installed at the end of the furnace to limit the travel of the trolley. The furnace is equipped with a fan, which makes the heat transfer speed faster, the furnace temperature is more uniform and can be tempered. Trolley-type box-type heat treatment furnace is more conducive to the operation of the process than the rolling-bottom box-type furnace. It can heat treat larger workpieces and has better heat treatment quality.

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