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What are the types of controlled atmosphere heat treatment furnaces

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     Controllable atmosphere heat treatment furnaces can be divided into two categories: periodic and continuous according to the different types of operations. In the two categories, they are divided into the following categories according to the furnace type structure and movement mode:
Periodic furnaces: such as sealed box furnaces (also known as multi-purpose furnaces) and pit furnaces, suitable for small batch production of multiple varieties, and can be used for heat treatment such as bright quenching, bright annealing, carburizing and carbonitriding.
atmosphere heat treatment furnaces
   Continuous furnace: such as push rod furnace, rotary hearth furnace and continuous controllable atmosphere carburizing production line, etc., using mass production, can be bright quenching, tempering, carburizing and carbonitriding heat treatment.

   The basic structure of the controllable atmosphere heat treatment furnace is basically the same as that of a general heat treatment furnace, and its design and calculation methods are also the same as those of a general heat treatment furnace. Just because the furnace needs to enter a controllable atmosphere, there should be some special requirements in the structure, which can be summed up in the following nine aspects:

1. The furnace is well sealed;
2. Keep positive pressure in the furnace;
3. The atmosphere in the furnace is uniform;
4. Use anti-carburizing bricks;
5. Use suitable heating elements;
6. Set up ventilation and exhaust devices;
7. Set up front chamber, back chamber, quenching tank and furnace body seal;
8. Mechanical feeding and discharging device;
9. Set up safety and explosion-proof devices;

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