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Introduction to the performance of open tube furnace

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    The open tube furnace integrates the control system and the furnace chamber. According to temperature, it can be divided into single temperature zone, double temperature zone, three temperature zone, four temperature zone, five temperature zone, etc. It can also be double-pipe open type, which effectively increases the loading capacity of heating materials. The furnace tube traverses the hearth in the middle of the furnace body, and the heating elements are parallel to the furnace tube and are evenly distributed in the hearth, effectively ensuring the uniformity of the temperature field. The open-top structure is convenient for customers to load, burn and observe special materials, and helps to quickly raise and lower the temperature. Under normal circumstances, a horizontal tube furnace, if the temperature is required to be below 1400 degrees, can be made into an open tube furnace, if the temperature is required to be above 1400 degrees, and you want to open, you can only choose a vertical tube furnace Tube furnace.
Open tube furnace
  Open tube furnace design, excellent performance:
  1. Compact design, light structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable craftsmanship, integrated furnace body design, easy to use.
  2. It adopts intelligent control system, 40-segment program temperature control system, various heating programs can be compiled according to needs, with PID adjustment control, fuzzy logic, self-tuning functions, and point-to-point recovery parameter memory function.
  3. Double-layer furnace shell structure, advanced air insulation technology, combined with thermal induction technology, when the surface temperature of the furnace body reaches 45℃, the exhaust fan will automatically start to cool the surface of the furnace body quickly to ensure that the shell is not hot.
  4. Perfect gas circuit device, with the function of micro-adjustable inlet and outlet gas, the pressure in the tube is displayed by the instrument, which is clear at a glance, and the reliable multi-ring sealing technology improves the air tightness at both ends of the furnace tube. The quick connection flange is easy to operate.
  5. The gas path brackets at both ends support the gas path device. It eliminates the stress of the gas circuit assembly itself, which causes the furnace tube to rupture and damage. A heat-dissipating exhaust fan is installed at the bottom of the bracket to cool the exposed part of the pipe to avoid scalding the operator.
        6. The furnace material is made of polycrystalline mullite fiber vacuum adsorption, which has the characteristics of light weight, fast heating speed, energy saving, time saving, heat shock resistance, high temperature resistance, and good heat preservation, which can meet the requirements of various fast sintering . Open furnace structure, embedded heating elements, uniform furnace temperature, and effective energy saving of more than 60%.
  7. Reasonable safety design
  1), the furnace cover is opened and the power is automatically cut off. .
  2) Over-temperature protection function, when the temperature exceeds the allowable set value, automatically power off and alarm.
  3), leakage protection function, when the furnace body leaks electricity automatically.
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