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Operating method of rotating tube furnace

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    The rotary tube furnace can be tilted and rotated, so that the material can be fully and uniformly heated, and the fine particles of metal oxides or other inorganic materials can be re-oxidized or roasted in a reducing atmosphere. It is powder metallurgy, ceramics, refractory materials, and lithium batteries. Professional equipment for sintering and calcining granular powder in industries such as polar materials and new energy, and measuring materials under certain atmosphere conditions. The following briefly introduces the matters needing attention in operating the rotary tube furnace:
rotary tube furnace
1. There should be no flammable materials or gases around the working environment of the rotary tube furnace to prevent them from being ignited when working at high temperatures. Lead to a safety accident.
2. Check the tightness of the rotary tube furnace before using it.
3. When using a rotary tube furnace, be careful not to over-temperature use.
4. During the working process of the rotary tube furnace, it is strictly forbidden to open the furnace door.
5. Do not use the rotary tube furnace to conduct experiments with corrosive materials.
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