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Operation method of laboratory box-type resistance furnace

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Operation method of laboratory box-type resistance furnace
(1) Before the furnace is used, the visual inspection must be carried out to check whether the furnace body is damaged, deformed, whether the furnace door is closed in place; whether the heating element is damaged; whether the electrical components are intact, whether the wiring is correct and secure, and whether the grounding is good. The problems found should be resolved in time.
(2) Open the side panel of the electric control box and connect the power supply firmly (220V/380V)
Box furnace box furnace box furnace
(3) Clean the furnace chamber, (during transportation, there may be a small amount of powder in the furnace chamber), put the materials into the furnace chamber (using crucibles, pads and other high-temperature tools or containers) and put the door plugs on (the low-temperature furnace is not equipped with Belt) After gently closing the furnace door, lock the furnace door.
(4) Press the power button and wait a few seconds (according to the detailed operation instructions of the instrument) to program.
(5) Check a series of procedures such as heating, heat preservation, and cooling, and confirm that they are correct.
(6) Press the heating button, and then press the instrument plus key for three seconds to start (see the separate manual for specific instruments)
(7) Manual shutdown, first press the minus button and then press the SET button, release when SV is 0, the meter will shut down (automatic shutdown can be omitted)
(8) Press the stop button again, (if there are two switches, press the heating button to reset the heating button)
(9) Wait until the electric furnace is below 500°C, then turn off the power button.

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