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Application and characteristics of integrated box type electric furnace

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Introduction to the general use of integrated box type electric furnace:
Application overview: The box type resistance furnace, also known as muffle furnace, is a periodically operated electric furnace, which can be used for chemical analysis, physical measurement and heating of general small steel parts in laboratories of industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, etc.

Product features:

The series electric furnace adopts domestic technology, the furnace shell is made of steel plate by folding welding, and the control box and furnace body are integrated. It avoids the tedious installation of customers. The inner furnace lining is a rectangular integral furnace lining made of silicon carbide refractory. The spiral heating elements made of iron chromium aluminum alloy wires are threaded in the wire grooves on the upper, lower, left and right sides of the inner furnace lining. The furnace is a sealed structure. The furnace mouth bricks and door bricks of the electric furnace are made of light refractory materials. The insulating layer is made of refractory fiber and expanded perlite products between the inner furnace and the furnace shell.       The control instrument adopts a microcomputer temperature controller with temperature control protection and digital display, with timing function and accurate temperature control (intelligent LCD program temperature controller is optional). Independent temperature limit alarm, automatic interruption when the temperature exceeds the limit, and the experiment can be carried out safely without accident.

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