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Thermal couple

Thermal couple

Description:Thermal couple, easy assembly and convenient for replacement, high mechanical strength, good pressure-resistant, good shock-proof performanc.Thermal couple used for powder metallurgy, vacuum furnace, gas cookers, gas oven, outdoor heaters heaters and so on.

Setting device :
1 Non-fixed setting device

2 Fixed thread setting device

3 Flexible flange setting device

4 Fixed flange setting device

5 Flexible flange setting device angle square setting device

6 taperd fixed thread setting device
7. thermo couple for applications at high temperature up to 1600oC


Specification of the thermal couples:

  • Length:                         127 mm (5")
  • Diameter of sheath:        8 mm ,  high purity Alumina 
  • Positive Material:           Pt-10%Rh
  • Negative Material:          Pt
  • Lowest Temperature:     50 oC
  • Highest Temperature:    1600  oC
  • Minimum Std. Error:      +/- 2.2  oC
    There are three types of s b k can be chosen

    Thermal couple

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