1200¡æTube Furnace
1200¡æ Three-Zone Vacuum Tube Furnace

1200¡æ Three-Zone Vacuum Tube Furnace

Description:1200¡æ Three-Zone Vacuum Tube Furnace uses Resistance Wire as heating element. Max. temperature inside furnace can be reached at 1200¡æ under vacuum or flowing gas. The furnace temperature profile can be set up by 30 segments and run automatically by the 708P type advanced temperature controller. It is excellent for material research, ceramic research labs to develop various new materials.

Features of 1200¡æ Three-Zone Vacuum Tube Furnace:

1. Operation Temperature: 1100¡æ, (1200¡æ for short time).

2. Maximum energy efficiency is achieved by surrounding the chamber with thermal-efficient alumina 
    fiber ceramic insulation.
3. Heavy duty double layer structure with cooling fan. Lower teperature in outside case.

4. PID automatic control via current limiting phase angle fired the resistor, e.g. SCR(Silicon Controlled Rectifier).

5. Power control with 30 or 50 segments programmable.


Chamber Size
Ø80(OD)x1200mm (ID-74mm)
Length of Heating
Working Temperature
1100¡æ (continuous)
Maximum Temperature
1200¡æ (for short time)
Temperature Control
30 steps programmable and PID automatic control
Heating Rate
0~15¡æ/min (suggestion: ≤10¡æ)
Temperature Accuracy
Heating Element
Resistance wire
Working Voltage
AC 220V, Single Phase, 60/50 Hz (or according to your requirement)
Max. Power
7 KW

Note: there are different Chamber(Tube) sizes for your choice.


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