1200¡æTube Furnace
1200¡æ Five-Zone Vacuum Tube Furnace

1200¡æ Five-Zone Vacuum Tube Furnace

Description:1200¡æ Five-Zone Vacuum Tube Furnace uses Resistance Wire as heating element. Max. temperature inside furnace can be reached at 1200¡æ under vacuum or flowing gas. The furnace temperature profile can be set up by 30 segments and run automatically by the 708P type advanced temperature controller. It is excellent for material research, ceramic research labs to develop various new materials.

Descriptions of Five-Zone Vacuum Tube Furnace:

Furnace Structure  Double layer steel case with two cooling fan, which ensure low surface temperature.
Energy saving high purity fibrous alumina insulation.
Power 8KW
Voltage AC 208-240V Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
Max. Temperature 1200°C (<1 hour)
Continuous Temperature 1100°C
Heating Zone Length Five heating zones:   Each Zone length: 152 mm x 5
Total heating zone length: 870 mm, 34" in total)  (Can be customized)
Heating Elements Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
Temperature Accuracy +/ - 1°C
Dimensions 1100 X 450 x 670mm
Net Weight ~ 85Kg

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