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Muffle Furnace Maintenance and precautions

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1, Muffle Furnace and the controller must not exceed 85% in relative humidity, no workplace conductive dust, explosive gas or corrosive gases. Where fats like with metallic materials to be heated, a large number of volatile and corrosive gases will affect the surface of the heating element, so that destruction and shortened life expectancy. Therefore, when heating the timely prevention and good openings sealed containers or appropriate to be eliminated.
2, the controller should be limited to use in an ambient temperature range of 0-40 ℃.
3, according to the technical requirements, always check the furnace regularly, connect each controller wiring is good, whether the phenomenon stuck stranded indicator pointer movement and electricity meter calibration potentiometer because magnets, demagnetization, rose silk, shrapnel errors caused by fatigue, increased destruction balance situation.
4, do not suddenly pull out the thermocouple at high temperatures to prevent jacket burst.
5, keep the furnace clean, timely removal of things like the furnace oxide.     
Zhengzhou Kejia Limited in terms of the production of electric heating furnace many years of history. Now has more than 20 kinds of standardized furnace, treatment temperature from 400oC to 1800 ℃ applications include: pottery, ceramics, chemicals, laboratory and dental, metal and plastic heat treatment and surface treatment technology, foundry, glass, etc. Product series box-type furnace, muffle furnace, laboratory furnace, high temperature furnace, pit furnace, bell furnace, trolley furnace, insulation and melting crucible furnace, pit furnace, and so on.So anyway you should get the 
muffle furnace safety precautions in your working.

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