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Measures Muffle Furnace when the furnace transformer failure

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Because there is no upgrade electrode lifting mechanism in place, the second when the power load is heavy, a A, B two-phase overcurrent trip, while light gas alarm. Gas ignited by the exhaust gas, flammable, after the test transmission is operating normally. Within a box furnace materials collapsed material, chemical reaction mechanism furnace physics, can easily lead to a secondary current increases, and even short-circuit the secondary side electrode phenomena of electric shock hazards become greater in the case of electric transformer harsh electrical equipment under operating conditions.  
There is a submerged arc furnace production of silico-manganese products 12.5MVA suddenly two light gas gas alarm signal, the alarm and the light of the two methane gas generated great attention, when you first light gas alarm signal when the furnace is operating normally , due to the physical and chemical reaction furnace feed large collapse caused by the secondary current with rated current once 206.2A, then run 260A (industry allow overloading run 20-30%), light gas alarm signal occurs, the gas discharge after power outage normal gas transmission and found no abnormalities. But when the second signal is light gas stove when the power shift, electric transformer is an important part of ferroalloy equipment operating characteristics of the furnace transformer box: then stop transmission frequently, 24 hours of work, baked pressure discharge electrode, about 8-12 times plus the smelting process features, load fluctuation is very large.
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