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Muffle Furnace heating element inside the furnace

Muffle Furnace design, the most interesting to you smelting furnace which is its design. Import the furnace used in all of Morgan fiber production, so the use of crack can greatly avoid problems due to smelting thermal shock, caused.
Muffle Furnace heating element which is used inside the furnace MoSi2 heating element, which is based on molybdenum silicide-based heating element. In addition, as resistivity silicon molybdenum rod element itself can not be changed with the use of resistance occurred length of time, and therefore it was decided the old box-type furnace interior components can be mixed, and the maximum use temperature of 1750 ¡æ. Molybdenum silicide sintered product in an oxidizing atmosphere heated to high temperatures, its surface generates a dense silica glass film, can not maintain the oxidation reaction product. But silicon molybdenum rod element at room temperature easily broken brittle materials belong, but if you know how to install it, then these problems can be effectively avoided.
However, in use need to pay attention to common problems well in advance box-type furnace. For example, not normally encountered in an electric furnace is not heating, check into the power and electric stove inside their insurance; if the box-type furnace furnace temperature is not controlled, then to adjust the manual indicator lights if it shows it is not normal; if there is no current voltage, it shows like the heating element of the electric furnace fails; if the meter display will not start, it means the end of its run, to start the meter off once again.

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