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Performance comparison with experimental electric furnace industrial furnace

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Probably in everyone's understanding, all use and industrial production needs are becoming industrial electric furnace. So in the end what is the industrial furnace, it is what is the difference between the experimental furnace it? Zhengzhou Kejia Furnace introduction, in fact, both industrial furnaces and laboratory furnace is essentially different on the. Next, we do only on their use of the furnace and look at the difference.
Industrial furnace known as a continuous furnace, the main component of masonry industrial furnace, industrial furnace exhaust systems, industrial furnace preheater and industrial furnaces burning devices. Itself has a temperature control, the internal use of imported digital intelligent instruments, with temperature control and stability, high meter reliability. Thyristor Surge temperature control phase shifting to feature overheating protection function and other aspects.
Laboratory furnace known as a batch-type furnace. It is a fast heating, small Depletion, temperature uniformity, mainly for electric laboratory use, but also cater to the mining industry of the metal element analysis. Inner lining of silicon carbide, full fiber insulation, high temperature resistance wire heating element Shallow manner using an oven to form a wall heating plate, easy to use and safe. Also equipped with a programmable temperature control, RS485 interface for electric remote control and data acquisition. Learn the difference between industrial furnace and laboratory furnace in the furnace and in the use of, and now we can distinguish between the two, right!
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