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High temperature energy-saving furnace unique in design

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High temperature energy-saving furnace in function, not only for existing mills width and height of the limited space, while also providing the blast furnace shell design, and operation and maintenance of safe passage and the like. Due to the requirements and limitations of ultra-fast moving space, the whole apparatus of high temperature energy-efficient furnace chose a non-standard design, and then we come together to understand the design of unique high-temperature furnace at it.
First, the electric furnace roof fitted with scalable single point lift system. Fast furnace shell, roof replacement technology enables offline furnace maintenance, quick change dust box can be realized through the transfer trolley.
Followed by the design of the electrode arm, electrode arm of the furnace was in a coplanar arrangement. In other words, all cable connections are on the same plane, to service access platform side of the transformer. In use, both sides of the electrode arm or from a transformer secondary system, maintenance personnel can be at any time, safely reach the cable terminals.
Also close to the position of the electric arc furnace electrode column body, which reduces the effect of the boom and the associated electrode oscillation. Mast guide rollers used easily adjusted using the eccentric shaft prismatic made of wear-resistant steel, can prolong life.
Then there is the special structure of the device, the cable can be shorter, which at the same time reducing the reactance increases energy input. In addition, reducing the cable swing and twisting extend the life of the cable. And the rotary unit is designed as an affordable ultra-fast high-capacity roller bearings, use simplifies maintenance and replacement of difficulty.
The final step is the design of the furnace shell. High temperature energy-saving electric furnace shell is designed to change the whole case and design, starting with the roof and the upper housing body panels and cage, followed by eccentric bottom down with steel furnace shell. Any repairs or maintenance are done offline when replacing the refractory lining. All panels are designed to be reliable structure, easy to replace and there are some unique and innovative features such as motion furnace shell is not interrupted due panel failure.

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