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Step briefly shut down the tube furnace

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Normally closed tube furnace steps:
1. After the program finishes running, the main heating power is automatically stopped, the instrument is in the initial state.
2. Press the red Turn Off key, the main relay switches off.
3. When the temperature drops below 100 ℃, shut off the Control Panel Power Lock.
4. knob clockwise off the cylinder valve, turn off the knob counter-clockwise rotating cylinder outlet valve, (if you are using hydrogen as a working gas, counterclockwise closing wall pneumatic control valve, so that the arrow points to the "off" position) clockwise rotating tube furnace intake valve closed; closed tube furnace exit valves; off Red outlet valve of the hydrogen gas on the road.
5. Close wall tube furnace power supply.
6. Open the tube furnace door, and remove two insulated furnace plug, and then remove the sample boat.

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