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Vacuum oven operating procedures

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For most processing enterprises, vacuum oven is essential equipment. Meanwhile, in order to produce high quality products, vacuum oven operation is also very important. Proper use of oven technology helps to save costs, reduce energy consumption and how to properly use a vacuum oven it?
1. You need to vacuum drying of the sample was placed inside a petri dish, top-coated paper, tied with a rubber band, then poke several holes.
2. Vacuum oven, close the inner door and outer doors, ensure tight closed after closing the purge valve, open the vacuum valve, and then use a vacuum pump (see your asked to choose the degree of vacuum pumps or pump). When the pressure is low enough, turn off the vacuum valve and then close the vacuum of power, or will cause suck. Network with resistance furnace
3. After start pumping power to the electrically heated oven can be turned on, and setting the temperature they need.
4. Note that after working for some time in a vacuum oven may reduce the degree of vacuum, drying takes a long time, then I suggest one to two hours to check a vacuum, not enough then the evacuation operation.
5. After use, remember to first turn off the electric oven heating power, opening the purge valve when the pressure is consistent with the outside world and then open the door sample was taken.

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