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Features and applications of Kejia rotary tube furnace

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Kejia Rotary tube furnace is a special type of tube furnace. Its main feature is that there is a rotating bracket in the furnace tube. Through the movement of the rotating bracket, the heating materials can be heated evenly. The following are the characteristics and applications of rotary tube furnaces:

Rotary tube furnace adopts rotary motion for heat treatment, which has the following characteristics:

(1) Uniform heating: Through the rotating motion, the heating material can be fully mixed in the furnace tube, so that the heating is uniform, the temperature gradient is reduced, and the heat treatment effect is improved.

(2) Wide application range: the rotary tube furnace can be applied to a variety of heating materials, such as powder, granules, solids, etc.

(3) Accurate temperature control: the rotary tube furnace can be controlled by computer control system, which makes the temperature control more accurate and stable, and improves the heating quality and product quality.


Rotary tube furnaces are widely used in experimental operations such as high-temperature treatment, sintering, and synthesis in the fields of material science, chemistry, metallurgy, and environmental protection. They can be used to prepare various powder materials, nanomaterials, and optical materials.
The rotary tube furnace can also be used to study the structure, properties and reaction mechanism of materials under high temperature conditions, such as synthesizing ceramic materials, sintering metal powder, etc.
Rotary tube furnace can also be used for high-temperature sintering, drying and heat treatment in industrial production, and can be used to prepare various industrial materials and products

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