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CVD tube furnace for CNT and graphene synthesis

CVD tube furnace for CNT and graphene synthesis

Description:CVD furnace for CNT and graphene synthesis is widely used in CVD experiments;may also be used in: graphene,vacuum sintering,protective atmosphere sintering,preparation of nanophase materials, battery materials preparation,etc.

Features of CVD tube furnace for CNT and graphene synthesis:

1.Split Chamber for fast cooling and fast heating.

2.Touch screen interactive mode.

3.Uniform Temperature.

It is a tube furnace with quartz tube or alumina tube, vacuum pump and flow meters gas flowing system. It can mix different types of gases for CVD or diffusion. Based on the above information,you can choose according to the CVD Furnace with gas channels & vacuum pump image and the table parameters in detail, and then contact us to get the price you expect.


Product CVD furnace for CNT and graphene synthesis
Chamber Type Split Chamber
Display Touch Screen
Chamber Material Alumina Fiber
Heating Element  Aludirome
Max Temperature 1200°C
Usable Range ≤1150°C
Heating Rate ≤20°C(suggestion:10°C/min)
Heating Zone Single
Heated length 440mm
Length constant temperature 200mm
Tube Material High purity quartz
Tube Size Φ50mmx1000mm
Vacuum Seal 4.03×10-3Pa
Temperature Control PID automatic control via SCR power control
Accuracy ±1°C
Preset curve 10
Thermocouple K Type
Working Voltage 220V 50Hz~60Hz
Max. Power 2.5KW
Gas Channels 3 (or as client’s requirement)
flowmeter float flowmeter
Channel A range 10~100ml/min
Channel B range 16~160ml/min
Channel C range 25~250ml/min
Vacuum degree 5~10Pa(If you need different vacuum,please choose other vacuum pump.)

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