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1400 high vacuum cvd tube furnace

1400 high vacuum cvd tube furnace


Features of 1400 high vacuum cvd tube furnace

1400 CVD tube furnace consists of vacuum tube furnace + system + gas supply system, the highest temperature can reach 1200 degrees, can be a single temperature zone, dual zone, three zone, the ultimate vacuum can reach 10-3Pa, the gas supply system is flow control can be proton flow meter or float flow meter, gas mixing channels can be mix 2 Road, 3 Road, 4 road, 5 road. The doped molybdenum alloy heating wire as a heating element PT-T1200 tube furnace with double shell structure and Yu electric temperature control instrumentation, can carry out 30 section temperature control procedures, trigger, thyristor control, furnace used Japanese imports of polycrystalline alumina fiber material, has the advantages of temperature balance, low surface temperature, energy saving etc..

Technical parameters of CVD grown graphene furnace :

Model PT-1200 CVD grown graphene furnace 
Control system Intelligent temperature control system
Display mode Digital tube display(LED)
Limiting  temperature 1400
Working temperature ≤1150
Heating rate ≤20(suggestion:10/min)
Heating element Aludirome
Heating zone Single
Heating zone length 400mm
Furnace tube material Quartz tube
furnace tube diameter 80mm
The furnace tube length 1000mm
Gas tightness Vacuum flange and corundum furnace tube up to4.03×10-3Pa
Control mode PID Temperature control
Temperature accuracy ±1
Thermal Couple K Type
Working voltage AC 110-480V 50Hz60Hz
Rated power 3KW
The flow meter Float flowmeter
Pneumatic pressure -0.10.15 MPa
Warranty 12 month (exclusive wearing part)
CVD grown graphene furnace can be customized according to customers’requirements.

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